Women's Cat Costumes – What You Need to Know

Sleek and black are what best describe women's cat costumes. Just as there are playful, kitten costumes for young girls ideal for Halloween parties and trick-or-treat, there are also sexy cat outfits for older women to show off their feminine prowess and feline charms.

The classic Cat Woman look has been immortalized by Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry in their respective Cat Woman stints. It's all in the attire, accessories, and moves to make a great cat costume.

The most ideal women's cat costumes consist of a long, black polyester jumpsuit complete with elbow-length gloves and high-heeled black shoes. The color black gives the illusion of height, long legs, and slimness. It also appears solid and strong for just the right impact on your audience. The material polyester hugs those curves and fits nicely to create that smooth, agile look. The overall look could also be modified by using a black tight-fitting topper of low neckline with black hip-hugging pants or a one-piece velour jumpsuit with pants which flare towards the bottom or are trimmed with beads and ornaments at the edges for a more glamorous Cat Woman appeal.

Women's cat costumes would definitely be incomplete without accessories like a wide black belt to accentuate the waistline and that signature headpiece which is so Cat Woman. This could simply be a black mask halfway through the face to add an air of mystery or a black band over the head on which to prop those catlike ears. Just as you should not forget the catlike ears which symbolize the keen senses of any cat, you also should not do without that sweeping catlike tail which stands for the balance and cunning of a cat.

Accentuate women's cat costumes by on some make-up. Any woman should go for the eyes and the lips. Call attention to your eyes by putting on some smoky eye shadow and eye liner to create that mysterious, flirty glance. You could innovate by giving the impression of glassy, ​​greenish eyes through contact lenses or adding cute effects like fake cat whiskers. Have your nails long and polished in black or glossy colors such as red to match the lipstick color of your pouty lips.

Most of all, aside from the catlike eyes and ears, practice that classic catlike walk and those catlike moves. Learn to maximize the benefits of women's cat costumes by getting into the spirit of things. If you're going as a cat, at least be one and act like one. Learn to stretch, purr, and growl. When you move your limbs and body; imagine the distinct traits of your favorite member of the cat family, be it a wild tiger or a domestic cat. Be quick yet agile, graceful yet elusive. Apply your intuition as to what works best for you and your personality to be able to carry it off, because felines are famous for that. When you enter and cross the room, confident of yourself, you'll not only wow them. You'll definitely meow them all.