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How to Manage the Fleas on Your Cats – Natural Home Remedies Clearly, you are having some problems on the fleas of your cat and for this reason, you are searching this article. If you have been trying to do away with the fleas in your cats for how many days or weeks now with the aid of a commercial product, then this is the time that you use the natural ones. But then again, keep in mind that the natural alternatives are a lot safer in treating the flea infestation in your cat and not to mention, it is definitely a lot cheaper and more readily accessible. Whether what type of cat you have, an indoor or an outdoor cat, it is definite that as time goes on, it will be plagued with fleas. The aid of commercial flea products can be harmful to your cat as well as to the people living in your home especially your kids. Picture out your child playing around with the cat and then placing the contaminated mouth inside the mouth or rubbing it in the eyes. As a result, it is certain that most if not all of the commercial products contain toxic elements that have long term and short term side effects. So be sure that you take the alternatives into consideration. A mixture of brew yeast as well as garlic is an incredibly natural remedy for treating flea infestation in your cat. This will make the fleas stay away from your cat because they will not love the smell or taste of it. And because of this, the fleas will certainly fight each other just to be the first one to get off your cat. Please keep in mind that the raw garlic can cause harm to the cats, so be sure that you cook it very well before you mix it with your brewers yeast. And be sure that you place a small quantity of the mixture in their food, just a teaspoon of it and in no time, your cat will be free from any fleas. And because of the fact that you are using a natural remedy, you will want to keep on treating your cat until the fleas are completely gone. There are a number of cat owners who made this as a part of their cat’s diet.
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Another form of natural remedy for the fleas of your cat is the apple cider. Just put a small quantity of it in the water of your cat and the taste as well as smell of their skin will surely make the fleas fly away.
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Without a doubt, fleas will not give anything good to your cats.