Where to Buy Webkinz and Get Great Deals on New and Used Webkinz

During the past couple of years, one of the hottest new toys have been Webkinz. They have taken the internet by storm. Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code that lets you enter Webkinz World and play with a virtual version of your pet on the internet. Since its launch in 2005, Webkinz has sold in the millions and found a soft spot in the hearts of US kids aged six to 13 years. The website is highly regulated and monitored for protecting children's identities.

What makes the stuffed animals so special is their ability to live a virtual life after being activated on the internet through a unique security code. The first thing you must do is adopt your pet and name it. Then you can custom design a room for it. You can play games in the Arcade, or compete against other players in tournaments. You can answer quizzes in Quizzy's Question Corner and enter contests, too. All of these things earn you KinzCash, which you can use to go shopping for your pet in the W Shop, where you can buy toys, furniture and clothes. There are stories to read and fun daily activities. The best part is that the Webkinz World is frequently updated, so it's always getting bigger and better.

Webkinz will no doubt become collectors item such as beanie bears and cage patch dolls. The current edition of animals have a W on their paw where the first edition has nothing on the paw. This makes first edition Webkinz more valuable. Also, the first edition has a smaller distribution count. Webkinz are hard to find and stores sell out of them quickly. A thriving secondary market has developed on ebay. On any given day, there are eleven to twelve thousand webinz related items for sale on ebay. There are currently about 67 different animals with more on the way. There are cats, dogs, hippos and usually sell for around $ 10- $ 13. Most of the animals are 6-8 inches long. eBay has a great selection of new, used and hard to find Webkinz. Buy Webkinz now and save them and you will have an appreciting asset for the future.