What Use Is a Cat?

I love cats well enough, but can I actually quantify the usefulness of a cat in words? Well sure! I've found how kitties can have a number of functions outside of just sitting there looking pretty. Any cat owner probably already knows this, but perhaps you need a refresher every now and then. Here are a few instances where felines can be rather useful.

Cats are natural born killers. Despite how adorable they are when a few silly captions are placed over a picture of them sprawled on the bed, they are extremely good at catching just about whatever they want. Mice, rats, moles, snakes, these are all just playthings to your fuzzy friend. Living in the city and keeping an indoor cat will keep this usefulness mostly unused, but if you live in the country or have a pest problem, a cat will go to work every day of the year catching everything in sight, partly just out of fun more than anything.

Most people just use kitties for their primary quality of being cute and snuggly, but just being affectionate does not quite go far enough. Providing therapy by means of a cat is surprisingly effective as they can provide comfort to someone desperately needing it. There is an aspect of training involved to ensure that the cat can handle the task required of basically being nice and warm, but when used properly, cats are an effective means to relax a stressed out patient or to help them to cope with some larger event in their lives. And all from a cat deciding to be snuggly.

Being active and attentive is not usually what you'd assume from a cat, but cats can and are regularly trained to do a number of tricks and learn a number of commands from sitting up or meowing or just coming when called. If you've been able to train your cat well, they can be used in commercials or in film, such as in a particular scene where you need to show a cat walking across a room or if you need a meow from a cat on cue . Showbiz loves cats, and cats love showbiz as well.

If you've always wondered whether cats are worthless animals, well there's your answer. They can be used as pets, as great mousers, as therapy aids, and even as actors with the right setting. Cats are far from useless, and the more we learn about them, perhaps the more we'll discover in the future.