What to Look For in a Dog Harness

A dog harness is a vital piece of equipment for many dogs around the world. It provides a safe way to secure your dog to leash, without having to use a collar.

You might be asking yourself whats wrong with using a collar? Well, collars are a fine for some, but many dogs have a serious problem of choking when they are wearing one. This is because anytime a dog tries to run, pull, or tug while their collar is attached to a leash, they will feel the force of the pull on their neck. Unfortunately, this force can cause neck pain, trachea damage, breathing issues, and gagging.

The beauty in the design of the dog harness is that it wraps around your dogs torso, allowing any pulling force to be evenly distributed across their body. This is why it is such a popular alternative to a collar.

Once you've made the choice to own a harness for your dog, you must go shopping for one. Shopping for a dog harness is pretty easy, however there are a few things you should be sure to look for.

As with all dog accessories and apparel, it's important to make sure it fits them. Harnesses are made in all different sizes to fit dogs of all weight. Check the item carefully to make sure it will fit them before you make a purchase.

Another important feature to look for is how the harness attaches. Some types may have one latch, others may have two, or it might be a step in harness, without any latches. Just try and find one that looks like it will be the most comfortable and best fit for your dog, or if you just do not want to mess with any latches, get a step in harness.

Since your dog will probably be wearing their harness a lot, you should make sure the material it is made out of will be comfortable. You should be able to run your hand over the harness, and if it does not have that "sharp" feeling, it should be fine.

While most dogs enjoy wearing a harness, some may be hesitant at first. If your dog does not like their harness, try giving them a treat. It should brighten up their view on harnesses in no time!