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3 Home Remedies to Treat Dog Ear Infection Each and every member of your family needs special care and treatment and this includes your dogs because they are a part of your family, too. Dogs, like humans can also have infections and problems. Ear infection is a common problem in dogs as well as other ear conditions. Treatment can be done for this problem; you can even do the treatment at your home. We will show you how you can treat your dog’s ear infection in three simple ways. If they do not work, then you should bring your dog to the vet and have a checkup. Warm compress is the first home remedy you can try if your dog is experiencing ear infection. Warm compress always works wonders for many different kinds of infections, and it can also help cure your dog’s ear infection. The warm compress will help treat the outer ear infection by eliminating the redness, pain, inflammation, or irritation of the ear. The inflammation in your dogs ear will slowly subside if you are diligent in applying the warm compress to your dogs infected ear. Should the home remedy not work, go immediately to your nearest vet and ask about the problem so they can give you a better solution. Cider vinegar is often used to cure ear infection in dogs. Apple cider vinegar is often used as a cleaner and it can really clean the inside of your dog’s ear. Because apple cider vinegar can kill germs, the germs in your dog’s ear will be eliminated. Ear infection in dog’s is because there are a lot of bacteria and when you put the apple cider vinegar, this can really help. Many people use apple cider vinegar for killing germs and cleaning things so it is no surprise that it will work for your dogs ear infection, too. The apple cider vinegar can be placed in your dog’s water at least 2 times a week. You can also directly add the apple cider vinegar right into your dogs ear for better effect.
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The last home remedy that you can do to treat your dog’s ear infection is to use herbal flea powder. Mites inside your dogs ear is one of the most common reason whey your dog may be having ear infections. When there are numerous mites or fleas living in your dog’s ear, it can really cause infection. Not only does the herbal flea powder kill the mites and fleas, but it can also remove the symptoms of ear infection in your dog. In order for the herbal flea powder to have more effect, wash your dog first so the ear is clean, then apply the herbal flea powder.
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These are just three home remedies that are used to cure ear infection in dogs.