What Are Pillow Pets?

If you're looking for a great new gift that your a child will absolutely fall in love with this holiday season, then one gift that you should definitely consider is one of the many products from the Pillow Pets line. When you purchase one for your child, you will not simply be giving them a toy, you will be giving them a life long companion.

If you are wondering what exactly are pillow pets, then wonder no more. Yes, these adorable little characters are stuffed animals that you can play with, but they are a lot more than that. They can also be turned into a soft and very comfortable pillow that your child can enjoy sleeping on at night. The stuffed animal is held together with Velcro so all you have to do is pull the Velcro apart and it quickly folds out into a pillow. The one great thing about this stuffed animal is that you will never have to tell your child to pick it up and put it away before bed because they will already have that covered! They'll want to sleep on it so of course they've already got it picked up.

One of the reasons why Pillow Pets are so popular is because they are so soft and cuddly. This is because they are made with a material that is natural soft to the touch. That material is chenille plush, and it is a very popular material that is used in a number of products such as clothing, bedding, and much more.

This is not just another toy that children can put in their toy box at the end of the night. They are a true companion to many children for the simple fact that kids love to bring them wherever they go including and family trips in the car, airplane, or simply across town to a friends house for a sleeper. Other stuffed animals and toys get tossed in the closet at night or in the toy box, while Pillow Pets stay with the children through the night, much like a guard dog watching over the hear.

There are other products within the Pillow Pets line including backpacks, slippers, neck pillows, books, blankets, and even hats. Backpacks are a favorite for many children for the simple fact that the children can now bring their favorite companion with them to school and no longer have to leave them at home.