We All Love Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are one of the precious possessions of kids. It would not be wrong to say that adults love to have stuffed animals too. Stuffed animals are stuffed with straws, beans, cotton or other substances. This is not a new trend but can be saw way back in the history. It can be seen in the ancient Egyptian civilization where it can be seen in the paintings done on the tombs that they had used stuffed animals not only for religious purposes but also for children's entertainment.

It is also seen that in the middle ages of Europe there were stuffed animals used in plays to symbolize the animals in the Bible like lions, serpents etc. Therefore the stuffed toys have been present since centuries. Since the middle of the 17th Century when the world was taking a turn towards industrialization, the production of toys started on a large scale and since this was an untapped area, the companies turned their attention towards making stuffed animals on a large scale.

The production of stuffed animals on a large scale brought huge financial returns to the companies and this was then considered a complete business entity in itself. The most common stuffed animals these days are the teddy bears, sock monkeys, rabbits, hamsters, hippos. The production of stuffed animals is a complete industry in itself and the company who is known as the pioneer of stuffed animals is Steiff located in Germany. Among Steiff, other commercial manufacturers are Ty, Gund, Russ Berrie and Build-A-Bear Workshop etc.