Wanna Buy a Dog Collar?

Dog Collars are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. They are used to control your dog, for safety at night, for a fashion statement and as a place to carry ID and vaccination tags. Historically, collars were used to protect the herding or hunting dog's neck from attack and to designate ownership. An alternative to a collar is to use a comfortable dog harness. Dogs that pull on a collar often do better with a harness that has a front chest clip. Harnesses can also make a bolder fashion statement. They are often both a clothing design and a functional harness. We use collars and leashes combined for training and walking our dogs. It is important to choose a your pup's collar and leash with consideration given to your purpose (ie is this for training or walks?) And the size and temperament of your dog.

Collars come in different sizes, materials and designs. You can choose between Nylon dog collars (often decorated with ribbon or embroidery), leather dog collars or an eco-friendly choice of hemp or bamboo. They are typically fastened either with a quick-release buckle that will come apart with substantial pressure or a buckle like you would find on a belt buckle in your wardrobe. Quick-release buckles provide a safety feature in case the dog becomes caught and risks strangling. Buckles can be made of metal or plastic. All collars have a metal loop where the leash can be attached and identification tags placed.

Martingale Dog Collars are recommended for dogs that have a tendency to slip out of the normal collar. Dogs with small heads, such as greyhounds or whippets, often wear matingales. They can be used on any breed though and provide a bit of extra control when needed. Martingale have a smaller loop that tightens when pulled and releases when pressure is lessened. They are available in nylon as well as leather and in many fashionable colors and prints.

Gentle lead collars combine collar and leash. They give you control over the dog's head with a halter-type setup similar to a horse halter. The straps loop around muzzle and head. Gentle leads prevent the dog from pulling ahead or to the side and are beneficial in leash training.

Choke or prong collars, when used correctly, are dog training collars that can provide effective control for aggressive dogs or those that are having training issues. Please have a professional trainer teach the proper use of these collars. We have found that these collars will not be necessary if your dog is properly trained.