Vertical Blinds and Pets

Vertical blinds are now made in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics to suit all taste and needs. If you can imagine a color then it is likely you can buy it.

The best blinds, should use, sturdy headrails, plastic weights and chains and should be fit for the intended purpose. For example if you need a large blind for an office window be sure to check if the fabric is flame retardent. Like wise if you need a vertical blind that can blackout light, check the fabric is capable of doing this.

Many online stores sell vertical blinds that meet the needs of the home or office.

Lancashire rose blinds sell quality made to measure blinds online, using British fabrics and component parts. Sadly even these tough components can not with stand the beast that is the cat.

Time and time again, we get calls from troubled blind owners saying that their cats have either ate the chains on their blinds or use the vanes as a scratching post.

Sadly there is nothing that can be done about this, except to either get rid of the cat or get rid of the blinds.

Only joking cat lovers, cats are curious beasts and like nothing better than looking around them, so why not part the blinds during the day?

All our blinds come with built in safety features so there is no need to worry about your cat getting entangled in them.

Remember a cat is for life, you can change your blinds anytime!