Treed Cats – 10 Ways To Get Them Down

Who does not love their adorable and cuddly pet cats? We love them so much that we will try almost anything and everything just to make them comfortable and happy. Carpeted Trees (Cat Trees) are created to bring more fun for our domesticated cats. It gives them the ultimate pleasure and rush as they go up and down the Cat tree and lots of fun as they scratch the tree. They will play with it the whole day if they can. Just because you see your cat climb up and down you Cat tree, that does not mean that it can do the same with the real tree in your yard.

They may be good climbers but they are not that good when it comes to climbing down high trees. Scared cats, that's what they become when they're up there.

10 ways to get them down

1. Persuade them – If you can do this, then there will be no need for you to bother the whole fire department just to have your cat back. And as much as possible, try not to waste the whole fire department's time for the rescue of your beloved cat when all along you can qualify it to climb down.

2. Store some canned dog foods – This is proven to work all the time, simply because the smell of dog foods are stronger than a cat's food. It will make your cat want to follow the scent and climb down your tree. All you have to do is to spread some dog food on your tree's bark and make your cat follow the scent all the way down.

3. Go to your neighbor for help – You can not do this job on your own; This is most especially true with treed cats who are scared out of its wits. Just for assistance it is best that you go to your neighbor for help.

4. Never call a whole army for help – Your treed cat is scared, and you do not need to aggravate your pet's emotion by simply bringing a whole army to coax your pet down. If it is possible, limit it to one person only.

5. Ask for the help of a tree trimming guy – If it's all about trees and trapped cats up in a tree, then the best guy for this job is one from the tree trimming company. So, if you simply can not do it on your own, then call for one.

6. Use a basket and rope – if you can not climb your tree, then the best way for you to bring down your cat is by using a basket and rope. All you have to do is to tie the rope to your basket, and swing it up near your cat. Use it as a sort of elevator to bring your cat down.

7. Spread bird seeds – If you want your cat to climb down, then the best way to do it is by calling the attention of birds. You can do so by spreading bird seeds all over the ground, in no time, your cat will slowly crawl down just so it can run after its prey.

8. Use your cat's spoiled litter – When your cat smells that familiar smell from its own litter box, then it will make it want to be in that familiar place. Your cat will climb the tree down thinking that he is near his litter box.

9. A ladder – If you are always after your cat being stuck up in your tree, then the best way to do it is keeping or having a ladder handy at all time.

10. Give your cat time – Doing all the things that you can possibly do just to get your cat down is worthless if your cat is not ready to climb down. So instead of panicking, just let your cat decide when he / she is ready to climb down the tree.

These are 10 ways to get a treed cat down.