Train a Dog to Use a Litter Box – Litterbox Training a Dog

One thing that scares a lot of people away from getting a dog is having to take it for walks through the day. This nuisance can be eliminated by training the dog to go in a litter box. Litter box training a dog is often seen as an impossible task, but with the right tools, it is actually fairly easy. Here are the 3 simple steps.

1. You must obtain all the necessary products to begin training. Obviously, you will need a litter box so you can start showing the dog it's new area for potty. Another necessity is dog litter or cat litter. At the pet store, they will recommend you this "new and improved" dog litter. I have not had any more success with this than I have with the kitty litter. You can go ahead and choose whichever you want, but personally, I could recommend either one and be happy doing so. Another absolute necessity is a spray product with a pheromone scent. Write this word down, and take it in to the nearest pet store and ask them if they have a spray with the pheromone chemical in it. This chemical is found in urine and when a dog sniffs it, it causes them to want to use the bathroom, because their "territorial marking" senses kick in.

2. If your dog is on a schedule to go outside already, this will be much easier for you than those who have not even house broken their pets or have not put their dog on a schedule. If on a schedule, when it is time to go outside, put the leash on and get ready like you are taking them outside for a walk. But instead of going outside, bringing them to the litter box and spray a little bit of the pheromone in the litter. This helps with litter box training a dog because they will then go in the litter box, and after a couple times, they will realize this is the right place to go!

3. When litter box training a dog, the litter changing is the exact same as with a cat. You remove all of the waste, or just dump out all of the litter, and then you replace the old with new litter! Best of luck to you!

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