Toys to Entertain Your Kitten

Many cat owners throw away a decent amount of money trying to find toys for their cat. Many toys are just not interesting enough to grab and maintain the attention of a kitten. So, how are we supposed to know what kind of toys should we buy for them?

For the most part, there are a few basic things you will need to keep in mind when you are looking for a toy for your kitten. First and most importantly, safety. Your cat should only play with toys that are safe for them. Be sure you stay away from a toy that can be quickly chewed and destroyed by your cat. If your cat chews a toy to get the little bell inside, he or she is risking the possibility of choking on the small pieces or on the plastic chewed up pieces.

Toys that will get your kitten up and moving around the house are ideal toys. Your cat will be able to get some needed exercise and constructive play at the same time. You actually, do not have to go and spend a lot of money on toys to entertain your cat. When you are putting up a new shower curtain and rings, recycle the rings. Your cat will love playing for hours with the rings. They are thick enough to not pose a threat to your cat is they are chewed. Although, you should sterilize them first. Wash them as you would your dishes and then boil them for a couple minutes. Once they are cool give them to your furry friend.

Old stuffed animals are great play toys for cats. If the stuffed animal has small eyes or anything else that can come off and possibly choke your cat, take it off before giving the toy to your cat. If the small stuffed animal has a tail, you cat will certainly love it. Be sure to keep the size of the stuffed animal relatively close to the size of the cat playing with it.

A great way to keep your kitten stimulated with his or her toys is to only offer a select few each day. Continue to rotate the different toys. Each day will be a different set of toys for your fur ball to enjoy. Any toys that are not being left out for that particular day should be kept completely out of the cats sight. Although, if your furry family member has one particular toy that you know he or she is quite fond of, you can leave it out at all times for him or her.

You know your kitten better than anyone else. You will be able to decide what types of toys he or she is going to get the most enjoyment from. However, remember cats are very similar to children. They often get the most enjoyment from the box the gift came in. Therefore, there is no need to spend a lot of money on toys. Use your imagination and safe household items for toys.