Top Female Superheroes Chosen By Women

A recent article in Glamour Magazine asked women to name their favorite female superhero, and the rankings speak for themselves. More than half of those polled (52-percent) picked Wonder Woman with Catwoman close behind at 38-percent and Electra in third place with 10-percent of the votes. If you are ever looking to turn into your alter ego, a costume based on one of these daring ladies might be for you.

Wonder Woman is the leading lady in the DC Comics universe, she’s tall, fierce and all that in a red, white and blue superhero suit! Brought up in the all-female Amazon tribe, Wonder Woman stormed into the scene under the cover of government agent Diana Prince. Her enhanced strength, combat skills and the ability to fly helped her get the job done – not to mention her really cool, patriotic Wonder woman suit. Made of a red-white-and-blue leotard (with or without a skirt), white gogo boots, and golden cuffs that repel bullets this female superhero costume is awesome. Don’t forget a brunette wig with a tiara and her powerful “Lasso of Truth.”

Meow, you can be a good kitty or bad kitty in a slinky Catwoman costume. This sexy sidekick of Batman is a paradoxical character in the DC Comic universe — cunning, clever and hard to predict. Portrayed by a bevy of Hollywood beauties, these actresses have one thing in common – the skin-tight, black Catwoman costume! Choose from a comic book inspired cat suit and mask or even just add ears and tail to a black leotard, fishnet hose and sexy boots — purrrrfect.

Electra is a superhero from the Marvel Comics universe. Her mysterious beauty and style befits her occupation – a ninja assassin. Skilled in the martial arts, Elektra has super human strength, speed, and agility as well as the power to stealthily move through the shadows. Sexy and sassy, Elektra costumes feature a one-shouldered red dress slit up the side and ninja-like arm and leg bands or a two-piece halter-style pantsuit with belt and arm pieces. Add red boot covers and a Sai dagger for the complete intimidating image.

There are so many other female superheroes — Super Girl, Lara Croft, She Ra, Storm Rogue, and Jean Gray – just take your pick. Suit up in a female superhero costume and rule the world!