Tips For Prevention of Rats

The rats and mice are great problems in the houses, offices, godowns and farm lands. Since the rats and mice get their necessities from the houses, they decide to live in the houses and apartments. Thus these rodents begin to breed in these places and try to increase their population. They can simply get into each and every corner of the kitchen as well as other parts of the house. These rodents can simply destroy the costly clothes and leather products. They can also destroy the wires and cables of the electrical and electronic products. They also use to tear off the sacks filled with grains and cereals. These rodents can also develop many kinds of harmful diseases by littering and urinating around the utensils and other food items. Because of these reasons it is very much essential to prevent the rats from getting into house and surroundings. There are many simple methods to prevent the rats and mice from getting into the surroundings. Let us discuss some of the simple tips to get rid of rats and mice as well as to prevent these rodents from causing harmful diseases in the house.

The best method to prevent the rats and mice from getting into the houses and surroundings is to keep the house and surroundings clean. It is the biggest mistake made by humans and attracts more rats into the houses and surroundings. It is very much necessary not to throw the food waste into the dustbin. The food wastes if thrown into the dust bins must be burnt completely. The food given to the pets must be of sufficient quantity. If the food becomes excess it would become waste and attract the rats and mice. It is also necessarily required to have a better clean and hygienic sanitation system which would prevent to attract rats and mice as well as stop mice breeding and population. The house should have better and effective drainage systems which should be well maintained. If there are excess number of drains and outlets, these outlets must be fixed with screens which must be tight enough and prevent the rats and mice from getting into the house. The cereals and grain products must be stored in air tight containers and not in sacks which can be easily torn off by the rats. The fish and meat wastes must be dried, buried or completely burnt instead of being thrown into dust bins.

There are also other methods to prevent or to get rid of rats and mice. These are eco-friendly products which play a major role in order to get rid of rats. There are eco-friendly sprays available in the market which are made from the natural organic herbs and do not contain any sort of poisonous chemicals. Thus in order to get rid of rats, these eco-friendly sprays emit the smell of cat's body and make the rats fear as if the cats are around them. As a result the rats flee from the place as soon as possible. There are also electronic rat repellents which help to get rid of rats and mice. These rat repellents are very compact in size and deliver high frequency sound to repel the rats from the houses and surroundings. The frequency of the sound is above twenty thousand hertz which can not be heard by the human ears. It is very much essential to install these rat repellents in open rooms because the high frequency sound can be obstructed and absorbed by the furniture and other upholstery.