The Right Fit For Dog Harnesses

The other day I was reading news about dogs and came across this gruesome story. The animal Shelter reported that a puppy that was cut near in half, was left at their door. The owner was tracked down and she said that she had not changed the dog's harness from birth, and the dog was left out in the rain. This made me consider writing this article about how to measure for and maintain a dog harness.

  • To measure for a harness, one must measure the girth of the dog which is around the body, just behind the front legs.
  • Make sure the harness is made of shrink proof material
  • Do not let the harness stay wet, as in leaving the harness on a dog that is out in the rain
  • Remove harness when giving your dog a bath
  • Check to make sure that you can place a couple of fingers between the harness and the body of the dog
  • Remember to increase the size of the harness as your dog grows or gains weight
  • Make sure that the harness does not rub against skin of your dog and make it sore. Check for irritated or broken skin under the harness
  • Choose a comfortable material for the harness. Harnesses chosen for beauty, such as jeweled harnesses should be used only while under your direct supervision
  • To use a leash for a small dog, use a harness to attach the leash as a collar may occlude the trachea of ​​your dog causing it to choke

When a dog is at the state where his body is almost cut in half, is nothing but total individuation to the care of a pet one acquires. It is really animal abuse. When a harness has cut into the flesh of a dog, and the fur has grown over it, it indicates that this dog was either bathed nor held. According to the news item, this dog owner left the dog outside in the rain. One wonders why a person who can not or will not take good care of a dog, chooses to adopt one. I do believe that adoption of a dog should be contingent upon the facility and ability of the owner to care for the dog. Dogs give us unconventional love, and that may be what a person expects when they adopt a dog, but we must be willing to care for the dog lovingly and humanely.