The Purpose of a Spiked Dog Collar

The Real Deal

Indeed the first spiked dog collars were used in ancient times by guard and war-dogs. These collars also have a functional purpose for working dogs in our time as well.

Many dogs are rightly used for personal protection, or used to guard property and valuables that are targets for theft. In this situation, a spike collar actually helps protect the dog in case of a struggle with an intruder.

Of course, as with anything else, spiked dog collars come in all different kinds, and people use them of other reasons such as a fashion statement.

There are the wimpier ones, made of plastic and synthetic fibers for these purposes. These types are meant more for the Chihuahua’s who are trying to bark bigger than their bite.

These types of collars are more of a generic fashion statement rather than a useful tool.

For the Working Dog -Get Quality

I recommend getting a rough and ready true leather collar rather than one of the cheaper models. They come in black, brown, blue, and even pink for the tough lady dog. You can also get spiked collars with single, double, and even triple rowed spikes.

The leather is smooth and has a protective coating against all the harsh conditions the dog puts in through. These collars can handle more rough treatment, and have a more sophisticated look to them. When you pick out the right spiked dog collar for you and your pet, make sure to get one that will fulfill your needs.

I say you should get a collar that will last long enough, won’t get destroyed by your pet, and the spikes are secure. The most common faulty with spiked dog a collar is that some spikes screw in and out, and this makes them easy to fall in and/or out. Another common fault with dog collars is the fabric. The cheaper fibers break and tear very easily, and have a hard time withstanding what a working dog will put it through.

Specialty Collars

Some things naturally go well together, like peanut butter a jelly. The rough and ready tradition of American adventurism is expressed in the legendary motorcycle Harley Davidson. Today there are all kinds of accessories that go along with the rugged individualism that Harley has come to represent – such as custom Harley Davidson matching his and hers spiked leather dog collars.

Many bikers wear spiked wristbands already, so why not deck out your Pit Bull or Rottweiler as well! Folks need a good guard dog to keep an eye on the bike as well.

People Love Spikes Too!

Don’t forget that it is not just dogs who like to look cool in spiked dog collars; cats wear them and so do people! This is more common in the punk world rather than the biker world.

Regardless, fashion is always changing!

Safety Issues

But when is it appropriate to have a spiked dog collar and when is it not? When your 5 year old is having their birthday party, and 12 other 5 year olds are coming over you should probably take it off.

The spikes will most likely scare the little kids even more than they already are of a new house, family, and dog. Also, if you and your spouse are new parents to a young baby, spiked dog collars are a bad idea.

Especially when the child starts to crawl, stand, and walk the spikes are a safety hazard. The dog could easily poke the baby’s eyes, puncture its skin, and cause some severe injuries.

However, when the day comes to be a grumpy old man on the front porch, spiked dog collars are great for getting those dang teenagers off of your lawn!

Wearing a spiked collar also make a guard dog look like a guard an actual guard dog. This helps discourage any potential intruder from following through with their intended project. They see the dog and go the other way.