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Tips for Walking a Reactive Dog

Walking your dog is something that you ought to enjoy. It is important that you get to have some fun time with your dog, enjoying the outdoors and breathing fresh air. But, not all walks are as smooth as you would want them to be. If you have a reactive dog; there are some walks that can be downright disappointing. There are some dog walking tricks that you can use to have a peaceful walk regardless of whether your pet has always been reactive or has started being reactive due to a recent bad experience.

Avoid Reacting
You can experience a scenario where you are walking your dog, and then suddenly another dog appears, and your once loving companion turns into a growling beast. There is no sure way to know how the dogs are communicating but you can bet that they are fond of each other. The the first reaction by most dog owners is panic especially if they have had past incidences like this one. If you can keep cool; your dog will calm down much quicker than when you panic.

Plan Ahead
If you see a dog approaching you from a distance, cross to the other side of the road so that the two dogs won’t have any contact. Your dog is still likely to react, but you have to keep walking away calmly and keep praise your dog if he remains quiet. If you run into a situation that you hadn’t expected and weren’t prepared for, quickly make a U-turn. Dogs often operate on the basis of out of sight, out of mind. If your dog seems a little resistant to walking away, encourage him to run a little and praise him for keeping up with the pace.

There will be times when the only way to avoid your dog reacting will be by getting his focus. If you see another dog approaching, take your dog to one side and practice the lessons that you have already taught him. Have he sit and stay while focusing his attention towards a treat. If your dog is still likely to react, consider blocking his line of vision until the other dog passes.

Be in Possession of the Right Equipment
There is no need of walking a reactive dog if it’s liable to slip off its lead. When walking your dog, you must make sure that they are safe. The two hounds design dog harness ensures that your dog does not pull and can’t easily escape. It is a way of ensuring that you have control over your dog should anything happen.

Know Why
Nobody know your dog better than you do, so it is likely that you understand his body language. By understanding the reason for your dog’s reaction, then you can better solve the problem.