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The Benefits of Having a French Bulldog If you are planning on getting a dog, the question on what breed you should get is a really important question. The reason for this is because a dog’s breed will really determine its character. There are hundreds of dog breeds to choose from; and it can get overwhelming when choosing a dog breed. Before you have decided on getting a dog, you should know why you are getting one; is it because you need a companion? Or is it because you need someone to guard your place? Today, we will be talking about French bulldogs and all the benefits that you will receive by getting these cute, little guys. Here are the benefits. 1. Getting the French bulldog is perfect if you want a dog that does not require so much maintenance. French bulldogs are short haired dogs so this means that you do not have to do a lot of brushing and keeping their fur straight. Shedding in long haired dogs can be a really big problem to owners because it can be very annoying to find hair all over your house, but with the French bulldog, you will not have this problem. Brushing and washing a French bulldog is also really easy because of, again, their short hairs. So if you want a dog that does not require so much maintenance, then you should get a French bulldog. Because French bulldogs are generally really calm and lazy, someone who is looking for a really relaxed breed of dog will really benefit from French bullies. You can really benefit from French bulldogs because you do not have to play so much games with them and exercise them a lot although you should once in a while. A short walk once or twice a day is a good enough exercise for a French bulldog. If you own a French bulldog, you may know that they sometimes get the hype to play outside with a ball or go for a short run. French bulldogs are not totally lazy and you will have to give them a good exercise in order for them to stay fit and fabulous. While some dogs need so much exercise, French bulldogs are rather lazy so if you are a really busy person and you do not have much time to spend to play with your dog, you should invest in a French bulldog if you really want to have a dog.
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3. And finally, getting a French bulldog will provide you hours and hours of companionship. They are loyal and really love staying with their masters no matter where you go. Many people mistake French bulldogs to be aggressive because of their looks but they are really actually very friendly and nice.A Quick Rundown of Breeders