Stuffed Animals from China

Have you been to the local toy store or Wal-Mart recently? Can you believe the number of stuffed animals coming in from China? It is unbelievable rows and rows of stuffed animals that are all Chinese imported goods. Do you realize that many of these toys do not meet the standards for the United States of America safety codes for children's toys?

Many of the toys you see are copies of toys, which were originally made in United States of America. Unfortunately many of these knockoff toys are not of the same quality as the United States built toys and this is causing a huge problem with safety. Parts often fall off and cause problems.

The stuffed animals from China are only one other types of toy, which is a problem. And just think it is not even Christmas time yet. During the Fourth of July we saw many Chinese made American flags. Is not that ironic, as our money flows leave the country, never to return and help investors make money on the Chinese bank, which recently had an IPO, we see that Americans are actually flying Chinese flags with American colors.

So this leaves one to ask exactly who owns the United States of America anyway? And the answer to that question is not too pretty considering that much of the debt on the money that the United States of America's government borrows is owned by foreign nations. Stuffed animals from China; Well that is only a sign. Consider this in 2006.