Steps to Making a Cat Costume

When you are hoping to save money, you would definitely find all the ways and means just to do it. So, when Halloween's fast approaching, it's better to craft a Halloween costume on your own. Anyways, it's simpler to craft and it's surely effortless. Now, if you're looking for a costume to craft yourself, then come up with a cat costume. There are materials you need to get ready with and some steps which you need to follow.

Materials You Need to Get Ready to Craft a Cat Costume

There are materials which you have to prepare so you can already craft a cat costume for your child on Halloween. The materials are 1 black sweatshirt, 1 pair of black sweatpants, a black headband, 1 yard of black felt, 1 yard of white felt, 1 yard of fake fur trim, face paints, 1 square of pink felt, pillow stuffing, and fabric glue.

Crafting Your Cat Costume

Now that you already have your materials ready, you can now start crafting a cat costume. To start, cut out a circle of white felt. You will be using this for the tummy. Assess the size of the stomach of your sweatshirt. Then cut out the white felt circle and have it glued through fabric glue.

When the sweatshirt is done, you can now start with the tail which you have to add to the seat of your black pants. To create the tail, about 6 inches wide and 2 feet long piece of black felt has to be cut. Fold up the fabric in half lengthwise. Stick both the long and short ends of the fabric. Turn the cat tail inside out so you can stuff it up with cotton fluff.

Fold its open edges. Fasten them together with more glue. After making the cat tail, start doing the ears. Using the black felt, come up with two triangles. On the other hand, cut also two smaller triangles from the pink-colored felt. These four triangles will be utilized for the inside of the ears. Fasten the pink triangles at the center of the black triangles. There you have it, your cat's ears.

There's one more thing you need to do before your cat costume is done. Cut out 5 pieces of fluffy fake fur. Use two pieces of these to bind the wrists of the sleeves. Two pieces again will be used to bind the ankles of the pants while the last one is fastened right out of the costume making it more visible. These are the steps to crafting a cat costume.