Spiked Dog Collar

Do you frown on spiked dog collars? I do not know about you but I think that a spiked dog collar will look nice on aa pitbull or an English bulldog. OK, I know that there are no dogs in this world would look like the cute dog "Spike" Tom & Jerry cartoon. However, I know that these collars will make your dog look more impressive.

There are reasons why people prefer a spiked dog collar:

– The dogs will look cool and impressive

– The dogs can be protected from potential dangers

Whatever is the reason, I believe they are more for good and harm.

Most owners I know prefer a spiked collar as it will help protect their home. Just think: if you have an English Bulldog with an impressive spike collar, will you want to go near that dog? I will not enter the house unless the owner comes can chase that dog away. I know that because I personally experience it.

Now, I would like to bring out the next point which is, dogs with spiked collars should not go out to the streets. If you want to bring them out, do not let them wear the spiked collars unless the collars are designer collars.

You will be surprised that spiked dog collars can be part of a design. The spikes used are usually blunt and small so it will not harm the dog or anyone. These spiked collars look really nice and I saw a couple of pinkish spiked collar!

Most, spiked dog collars are usually quite thick in their width. This is because they need the space for the spikes. As the width is just too wide for most dogs so I advice that you do not let your dogs wear these spikes for too long. It is just not comfortable for them. Avoid all collars with long spikes. Yes, they look impressive but do you know that you dog can not even put their head down for a rest with those spikes on? Be nice to your dogs, avoid the long spikes collars.