Sonic Bark Collars – No Pain, No Smell Bark Collars

Are you still confused with finding a solution to your dog barking? Sonic bark collars are one of the most effective ways to stop nuisance barking in dogs. A sonic bark collar usually comes with settings to detect sound vibrations from dog barking and the intensity of the sound that the collar will emit. For getting maximum results, the collar needs to be well adjusted at the right time. This method is preferred when dog owners dislike other alternate methods like electric shock collars or spray collars.

How Sonic Collars Control Barking?

Just like other bark collars, the sonic bark collar is worn by the dog around the neck. When the dog barks, an ultrasonic sound is activated by the collar that only the dog can hear. The dog considers this sound a nuisance to his barking and eventually it stops barking so that no more unpleasant sound is produced. There is no need of using a sonic collar continuously. When the dog gets adequate training to stop barking by using a sonic collar, he would have most likely learned not to repeat barking.

Are Sonic Collars Safe to Dogs?

The sonic bark collars are completely safe to dogs. Some dog owners fear that it may damage the ear drums of dogs. The fact is that sonic collars never damage the ear of a barking dog. The collar weighs small and therefore there is no feeling of discomfort to the dog. A dog feels no pain or bad sensation when using a sonic collar. Further it comes with a piece of cloth to adjust the size according to the width of the neck. It can be attached safely to a standard dog collar also. The sonic bark collars are less expensive than other types of bark collars.

Sonic collars are now a day used widely to train dogs to stop barking.