Ringworm Cures Made Easy

Ringworm is contagious and is a fungal skin infection. Your ringworm cures will vary depending on the type and location of this infection. In many cases, you can get ringworm from infected humans, infected pets and infected animals.

The species of fungi that cause ringworm can feed and grow on the dead skin and hair cells that are found on your body's skin. Ringworm loves to thrive in humid and dark environments. The fungi areas can be very itchy and can grow in size if not treated correctly and quickly. The area of ​​your skin where the ringworm exists is usually round in shape and more irritated towards the outer edges. The appearance of ringworm is therefore circular in nature and thus the name ringworm. Do not worry about a worm or any type of insect being present because it does not exist.

Ringworm cures can be in the form of creams, pills and natural home ringworm remedies. The most common cure is over the counter medicated anti fungal creams. This is what your doctor will normally prescribe because they have great results. The treatment time frame when using anti fungal creams is normally two to three weeks. For advance cases of ringworm, a stronger medication is required. What yields great results is anti fungal pills. The pills must be taken once a day for about seven days. The most popular anti fungal pill is called Terbinafine.

There are home remedies as well, which in most cases are not scientifically tested. Some home remedies include, green walnut hull juice, lemon, vinegar, ginger, grapefruit seed extract, iodine, gentian violet, tiger balm, vicks vaporub, garlic and tea tree oil.

Ringworm cures for pets are different than humans. It is best to seek a vets diagnosis for the proper ringworm cure. Medications for your pet may include ketaconazole or grisiofulvin. Dog treatments may vary from cat treatments ..