Real Original Pillow Pets Are Are Best Friends For Life

Whenever true original pillow pets are mentioned, the image of those adorable and cuddly stuffed animals instantly comes into your mind. It looks like no one can really resist the charms of these pillow pets – not even teens and parents. So, just what do you really get when you buy real original pillow pets?

Buying real original pillow pets is like getting three things for the price of one. First, you'll get a soft and plush pillow that you or your kids could use during naptime – it's really comfy. You can also bring these pillows along to keep your kids company during your long travels. They not only have a pillow and a pet, but also a friend for life – that's how durable these products are.

There are currently 22 pet varieties that you can choose from. They include: Magical Unicorn, Ms. Ladybug, Sir Horse, Squeaky Dolphin, Comfy Panda, and Buzzy Bumble Bee.

You actually do everything in the house – clean the house, take care of the kids, and do the laundry – and the last thing you want to deal with is dirty stuff toys that are absolutely hard to clean. You would not have such problems with authentic pillow animals. You just throw them in the washer, set it on gentle cycle, and you'll get them looking all brand new again. Unlike cheap knock-offs, they do not get damaged easily, no matter how you keep pulling on them (do not keep doing it though).

An authentic pillow animal is really a friend to your children. Since they're not fitted with any electronic or mechanical parts and the buttons are securely stitched, they are easy to clean, so germs or allergens will not cause a problem with your child's health. In fact, these products are proud recipients of the iParenting Media Award, which recognizes the exceptional quality of the pillows.

When shopping for these products, you should always be wary of cheap imitations. Always look for the "My Pillow Pets TM" label on the back leg portion of the animal pillow.That way, you'll rest assured that you are really buying the real original pillow pets.