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Top Ways on How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs When it comes to stubbornness; bed bugs top the list of pests that are difficult to get rid of. They cause annoying bites that also expose you to a host of health issues. Some of the signs of bed bug bites include blisters, itching and rashes around affected parts. To eliminate bed bugs from your home; the following tips will assist you considerably. The first step involves identifying the rooms that have been infested with bed bugs. While bed bug infestations originate from bedrooms in most instances; it takes very little time for them to reach other rooms in your home. So, you need to identify the rooms with infestations if you don’t want them to spread throughout your home. De-cluttering is the first step of carrying out extensive investigations to determine the presence of bed bugs. Care is necessary when moving items from room to room since that opens up chances of transferring the pests. A plastic bag that has been fastened tightly at its opening should be used to carry such items for maximum safety. Make sure to keep the items contained in the plastic bags for 3 days minimum without opening.
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It is not necessary to discard your bedding or bed since that does not, in any way, eliminate the pests from your home. You may be surprised to find bed bugs in your new bedding days later if you do so. Instead, take the infested bedding to the laundry and wash them with soapy water at 120 degrees. When drying, set your dryer at the highest heat settings you can since high temperatures will exterminate the pests and their eggs in a matter of minutes. Check that you will not damage the fabric of your bedding with such high temperatures.
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Carry out a thorough inspection for the pets in bedroom furniture. Take special care when doing so on furniture items that are kept adjacent to walls. Vacuum every space that shows signs of infestations. Note, however, that this method will not remove the pest’s eggs. Also, it may fail to remove the insects that have effectively hidden in deep cracks and crevices. By using sticky tape, you can remove bed bugs from walls, furniture, and walls. The elimination of bed bugs from cracks, crevices, and other concealed spots requires pesticide use. Experts recommend the use of natural insecticide because their effect on the environment is minimal. Some of the alternatives include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree. Call in a pest exterminator if all your efforts fail. In such a case, only hire the best pest control company in town.