Pillow Pets – The Perfect Playtime and Nap Time Companions

Nothing can beat the comfort and satisfaction offered by cuddly and soft Pillow Pets. As folding stuffed animals and nap time pillows rolled into one, these cute stuffed animals have never failed to bring more smiles to children's faces. Made from silky chenille fabrics and high-quality materials, a Pillow Pets is probably the best gift that a parent can give to his or her child.

What makes these snuggle pals so special? They are not just fads that children will ever forget in the long run. With their comfortable pillow function and cute stuffed animal designs, these new playtime buddies are definitely here to stay.

The perfect nap time companions

A Pillow Pets can provide your child with a sense of security and comfort during long road trips and tiring plane rides. It is a unique creation that takes pride of its extreme versatility and functionality. You can close its strap across your belly to make it a friendly and loyal pet. You can also open the strap to use it as a nap time pillow. Pillow Pets are the only plush folding animals that can keep their companionships with children alive even while they are sleeping.

Perfect for active imaginations

As a playtime buddy, a Pillow Pets can take your children to places where they have never been before. With a little imagination, it can fly your children to the highest mountains and take them to the deepest blue seas. It can also take them to a place where fairies and mythical creatures live, or bring them to beautiful snow-capped hills. It can take your children anywhere they want to go as long as they can keep their eyes closed while exploring the deepest parts of their imagination.

Endless choices and options

It can also give your children with endless options when it comes to starting their own collection. They are available in different designs and colors that are guaranteed to stimulate your children's minds while giving them the sweetest dreams they ever had.

The Lavender Unicorn is one of the most popular Pillow Pets in the market. It comes with a purple body and an immaculately white mane and tail that can instantly capture your children's heart. With this cute and cuddly unicorn, your children can start exploring magical worlds where people can fly and animals can talk.