Pillow Pets For Kids

Every once in a while a product like Pillow Pets comes along. I’m say a similar item but something that seems to catch fire, become a fad and then take over the world. Lately there seem to be coming more frequently. Silly Bandz and Webkinz come to mind and it seems like marketers are trying hard to capitalize on selling to kids but these recent successes it is definitely a smart business plan.

Not that there is anything devious about Pillow Pets. It is quite the contrary actually. This product combines function and utility with fun. This seems to be the recipe for success with not only parents, but in this case, kids! Nothing is worse for a parent than being nagged by their kids to buy a toy while their shopping for something else. But, how can you deny any kid who is asking for something so useful and can be used as a parent’s secret weapon? A secret weapon you ask? Well, what will be a child’s excuse for not wanting to go to bed when you are able to remind them they get to sleep with the Pillow Pet they begged for? Pretty sneaky, but sometimes necessary with our kids.

In case you have been living under a rock and have no clue what I’m talking about, Pillow Pets are a relatively new stuffed animal to that kids love. They are plush, soft and very fun. They are more than just plush stuffed animals, they transform into a pillow for nap time, bed time or on the plane. When the kids are not sleeping they simply fold them to secure the single clip strap across the belly and then they are free standing stuffed animals that are great for hugging and squeezing.

You’ll see kids dragging their pillow pets around with them everywhere. They provide the same sense of security and familiarity as a blanket but are a great toy to take around on the guy. Somehow as this fad began to take hold, these things have become a bit of a little kids status symbol. With over 30 different styles collecting them has become quite the hobby.

Much like the Beanie Babies fad, adults are beginning to get them for themselves. They are perfect for your lap while you are watching TV and they are fun but functional decorations for dorm rooms and apartments. They are so cute I even find myself looking through the displays for the best ones to get for the kids in my life, family and coworkers. They are great gifts and whether or not the recipients can appreciate the versatility of these stuffed toys, everyone likes to have the latest and greatest things being talked about constantly on TV. It’s part of who we are and these will go down as part of the Pop Culture of 2010. Heck, you can even find clever shows being made on YouTube with Pillow Pets as the characters. There is a lot going on with this impromptu hobby but one thing is for sure, these things are going to be part of our lives for a long time.