Picking a Cat Costume For This Halloween

Cat Halloween costumes are among the most popular and attractive set of costumes for the Halloween party. Mostly women tend to choose these costumes because they exude charm, fierce and cuteness.

Actresses of our generation had been given the privilege to represent Catwoman in various film titles like Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry. And I must say that they both look strong and stunning with those black jumpsuits. And they were perfect replicas of what a Catwoman must be.

With this impression, it is not surprising that many girls would love to represent this in a cat costume. If you have plans of becoming a Cat for Halloween, let me give you some ideas on how to be a cat voluptuously.

1. The black jumpsuit. Almost all Catwoman seen in movies wore black jumpsuit polyester outfits. This is perhaps the perfect trademark. The black color gives the illusion of height, sliminess and sexiness. And with its neutrality it fits perfectly into any skin tone and body structure. The color symbolizes the strength of personality, which defines the cats that they are. You can even improvise this costume if you do not have the polyester with jeans and a tank top with sexy details.

2. Complementing accessories. To illustrate a cat costume for Halloween in an effective manner, accessories are recommended. The mask with the cat ears are the right choices. The mask should be halfway through your face, thus giving that sense of mystery and a black band in which the cat ears would be attached. You can also choose to have the tail, if you want to improve your cat costume. Black gloves are also wonderful accessories. To finish the whole look, black shoes with high heels or perhaps a black heeled boots works wonders.

3. Right cat stance. “Meow” your way to fashion, because what makes a cat a cat is the perfect attitude. Practice being one and you’ll feel like being a cat. Learn to stretch and growl and say the meow word. It would also be useful to review the latest Catwoman film which Halle Berry portrayed perfectly. You should also take into consideration your personality as to which poses would fit you. Look in the mirror to practice in order to know whether those angles and stance looks wonderful.

Follow these simple suggestions for Halloween this year and you would certainly come up being the perfect Catwoman. You still have some time to plan ahead and practice so this time would be the right time to choose an outfit with the correct accessories. You can also use the time to practice those cat poses and sound. Be assured that you’ll definitely wow everyone at the Halloween Party.