Petsafe Invisible Fence – Can It Stop Your Dog From Running Riot?

Pet dogs are usually submissive, but occasionally we see signs of rebellion. These could be in the form of growing, disobedience, and biting. If you are not alert about letting your dog what is allowed and what is not, things can get out of control, and soon, your dog could become a source of worry. This is the reason why you have to show your dog who is the boss, at a very early stage. In other words, you have to train your dog, and teach it about the various rules it has to follow in your house.

A rebellious dog could end up attacking your guests, barking at your neighbors, ruining your flower bed, and generally playing truant, by running away. You want to let your dog enjoy his freedom, while retaining your piece of mind. This is where the Petsafe Invisible Fence plays its part. The invisible fence system consists of an electronic collar and a receiver, and wires to lay around the border of your house. The wires may be laid either below or above the ground. Two sensors on the collar touch the dog's neck, and facilitate sending of signals.

When your dog (or other pet), goes near the boundary, the wire sends a signal to you, via the receiver, and you discourage the dog from crossing the line, first by sending a beep and next, by transmitting a mild shock.

Over time, usually about two weeks of fifteen minute training sessions, your dog learns to stay within the limits defined by you.

Thus, the system has many advantages:

O It brings your worry about the safety of your dog

O It allows your dog to enjoy freedom

O It is less tedious than having a physical fence

O It helps train your dog

O It helps protect your flower beds, swimming pool, and other areas

The amount of time it will take to train your dog depends on your pet's temperament, and breed, as well as how much time you allot for the purpose. Before you start using an electronic dog training collar, your dog must first understand what is expected of him. With respect to the laying of the wires, along the perimeter of your property, it's better to bury them than lay them above the ground. If you are not confident about doing it yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

The system is said to be safe for your dog, even in the event of any failure of the system. It has been rated highly by consumer guides.The company offers a Lifetime Warranty on parts and one year on labor, and a 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.