PetSafe In-Ground Radio Fence PRF – 3004W

The PetSafe Basic In-Ground Radio Fence, PRF-3004W is the entry level PetSafe system. It is very similar in features and performance to the entry level Innotek SD-2000. This PetSafe and the Innotek are the very cheapest reliable systems on the market.

Base Station

The PetSafe basic shares the same base station as the more expensive PetSafe Stubborn. The clam shell style case opens, to give you a boundary width control, two status lights, and two terminals for the boundary wire. On the side of the base station is a switch that boosts the signal strength for larger installations. This unit can do up to 10 acres. You can use this base station with any other PetSafe in ground collar. So you could add say a PetSafe Stubborn collar for a big dog, or you could add a PetSafe Little dog for a small dog.


The collar is the weak link in the system. The collar has only a single correction level which is not ideal for training. The collar is set to about a medium correction level and is progressive, but you really want to have at least three settings on a collar to let you adjust upwards or downwards depending on how the dog reacts to the correction. The collar use a proprietary PetSafe battery that lasts about 3 months and costs about $ 4.

Boundary Kit

The system comes with the standard 500 feet of 20 gauge boundary wire, 50 flags and 2 splices.


The PetSafe Basic InGround Fence is limited by it's collar. With only a single correction level and no battery indicator light, you are going to be happier spending slightly more and getting a system with multiple correction levels. The PetSafe is not the best system at this price point. The PetSafe PRF-3004W is very similar in features and reliability to the Innotek SD-2000, but has a proprietary battery and is more expensive. So even if you were to opt for a single level system, for most people, the Innotek SD-2000 would be the better choice.