Pet Costumes For Your Furry Friends

Do not you sometimes see your pooch giving you a puzzled expression as you hurriedly get dressed in the morning? It must be wondering, "what if I had clothes too?"! Well, now you can actually dress up your furry friends, the way you want. There are a lot of costumes available today for pets of all kinds- be it a dog, cat or even a parrot!

Pet costumes can be a lot of fun for both you and your pet. Now you do not have to wrack your brains to win that pet competition you had your eye on. You can do away with stitching costumes for your pets on Halloween too. Just browse the various shops and you'll see what a great collection there is for Animal Costumes and Pet Halloween Costumes that are custom made for your pets. These costumes can have shirts, capes and halos, although they certainly are not limited to just that. Some of the more simple and popular costumes are based on superhero themes, mainly the ones that are not over-dressed or wearing anything tight! An example of a good animal costume is an angel. However, it may be difficult to get your pet to wear the halo or to get the halo to stay on.

When it comes to costumes for pets, dogs take away the limelight. Since dogs are man's best friends, they have to be kept happy! There's an amazing amount of Dog Costumes available now, to dress up your pooch. If you have a friendly, sociable dog who likes children, gets along well with other dogs, and is comfortable wearing a costume, you can enter him in a pet parade or a costume contest and see him shine!

Apart from general costumes, there's also ample variety for pets on Halloween. Pet Halloween Costumes made specifically for dogs and cats are designed to stay in place, fit comfortably, and allow unrestricted movement of the animal. The simplest costumes include a headpiece with a cape or some type of collar or ruffle. These two-piece sets make it easy to dress your dog or cat as a witch, a devil, a clown or even a regal king or queen! Pant or jumpsuit type costumes, essentially for dogs, fit over it's front legs. Many of these have little arms and legs attached to give the illusion that the dog is standing upright. They're available as super heroes, pirates, cheerleaders, biker dogs, rag dolls, firemen and and other cute characters. Many of these costumes include a head piece to complete the look.

Some dogs, however, will not take well to wearing a costume as it is not natural for an animal to be dressed up. You may have to gradually ease your dog into the costume. Letting the pet sniff and get used to the costume can be a good idea. You probably should not slip your pet's costume on all at once or your pet will most likely respond by biting and scratching at the costume.

Dressing up your pet, though is a fun activity, can also be a tedious job. Not all pets will stay cool, calm and composed about being dressed up for Halloween. Dogs will only cooperate if a costume is not terribly annoying to them. For others, a costume might be fine, but something like a hat can be quite uncomfortable for them. However, there are also dogs who really do enjoy being dressed up. They love the attention that goes along with it and they seem to think it's a perfectly natural thing to do!

Before struggling with your pet's costume, keep a few pointers in mind:

  • Masks are a strict no-no, you do not want your pet getting suffocated
  • Make sure that while putting on the costume, your pet can see, hear and breathe properly
  • Make sure that the fit around the costume neckline is not too tight, or you may strangle your pet
  • If your pet shows signs of discomfort like chewing or pawing, try and make it accustomed to the costume
  • While choosing a costume for your pet, go for a lightweight fabric that will not cause your pet to generate too much heat
  • Strictly avoid using beads, loose dangling accessories and other small objects on a costume as they can be a choking hazard
  • Do not leave your pet unattended.
  • If your pet gets nervous and upset while getting dressed, you can simply make it wear a cotton t-shirt or a colorful Halloween print collar or bandana for your dog.