New Webkinz Craze – Is it Safe?

There are few global crazes that have driven the entire population of young girls and boys (and coincidentally, their parents) to insanity. One such craze is the Webkinz craze something of a new spin on an old market of plush toys.

Webkinz: The Best of Both Worlds

When a child is given a plush stuffed animal, there is not a whole lot of fun that can be had on a constant basis. Not usually, anyhow. Webkinz is a new product created by the Ganz Company that has linked the world of plush stuffed animals to the wonderful technology of the Internet.

On each plush Webkinz stuffed animal is a code. This special unique code is used by children to sign onto the Webkinz website. On the website children can engage in all sorts of games and activities. The selling point here is that children can interact with their own adopted pet online and offline something that has rarely been seen before.

Webkinz combines the virtual pet craze and the plush stuffed animal craze similar to Beanie Babies. As a result, Webkinz has sold over 2 million units of toys, and also boasts around 1 million users on theirwebsite. One million children across the world can not be wrong can they?

Parents Agree That Webkinz Teaches Responsibility

We all know the talk that is given when we're young and want a real life pet. Something along the lines of responsibility, time, and effort is preached until years later parents finally see a sense of responsibility.

But parents are in support of the new Webkinz craze, claiming it teaches the child the responsibilities of having a pet, only without all of the mess and money involved. On the Webkinz website, children are in charge of feeding and playing with their adopted pets to ensure their happiness and health. This type of care builds responsibility and character at an early age, something not typically seen otherwise.

Parents have also agreed that the new Webkinz craze inspires a healthy social life, as far as healthy internet relationships go. Children can converse with other children in moderated chat rooms. The chat rooms are completely safe, as the children may only interact with pre-said sayings; there is no actual typing involved. The social interaction with other children, with the Webkinz pets, and the media on the Webkinz website itself builds an intuitive sense of character and social morality.

Shopping for the Webkinz products, however, has parents less excited. The plush toys are not expensive, per se, but parents will notice a dent in their wallets when new Webkinz products and pets come out. And with a product line spanning all sorts of mythological, fake, and realistic creatures there is plenty of ground to cover in terms of adoption.

Final Thoughts on Webkinz

Webkinz is riding the next wave of popularity to the top of the toy market. Like all fads, there is likely to be an eventual recession in popularity. Until that time comes, parents should expect to hear, see, and breathe Webkinz toys and products for the foreseeable future.

It is recommended that Webkinz be bought from a real dealer, as otherwise buying them used may mean that the code that comes with the plush toy is already used.