My Pillow Pets Unicorn, Find Official Pillow Pets

Finding a Pillow Pet was one of the toughest items to get during the holiday season of 2009. They were sold out everywhere from the Pillow Pets Unicorn, to the Panda and every other style. The website was basically closed for a while due to the overwhelming demand. I never knew these little stuffed animals / pillows would be such a hot item.

Even today you can find some websites and eBay seller's trying to get more then the regular retail price. I tried getting one of these for my daughter for Christmas 2009 only to find them sold out everywhere. The only ones you could get were on auction sites for $ 60.00 and up. I am not one of those parents that will pay anything just to have a certain gift under the tree so I bought a similar one from another company to hold her off.

Now the official Pillow Pets are back in stock so I got my daughter The Unicorn and she could not be happier. She now has 2 Unicorns and they are her favorite stuffed animal.

Pillow Pets are a great gift as they are not expensive at $ 19.95 from the official site. They hold up extremely well and are machine washable. There are over 30 different animals to choose from so it's easy to find one that's right for any child. Just make sure if your thinking about getting one for the holidays you act fast before they sell out again. The smile on your child's face will make you glad you did not wait until the last minute.