My Pillow Pets – A Welcome Christmas Toy for Your Three Year Old?

Are you looking to welcome another toy into your house this Christmas? After all, the toy box is full and the bed is covered with all kinds of stuffed animals. So why do you need another one?

Maybe a better question to ask would be: Are there practical toys that will please my child and be easier to take care of?

Do your toddlers leave their toys all over the house – in the living room, the den, the kitchen? Many moms get worn out picking up after a busy three year old who goes from on activity to another. Then, your little girl crashes and falls sleep right on the floor. Or your little man of the house, who has been fighting a nap all afternoon is ready to conk out.

Imagine that same child playing with a large, soft, stuffed animal friend – a dog, panda, unicorn or any of 30 other styles – starting to yawn, then picking it up and heading to bed for a nap. That is the beauty of a My Pillow Pet toy. It's a pet. It's a pillow. It's a pillow pet.

My Pillow pets are an ingenious toy, developed by a mom with toddlers. This stuffed animal acts like a warm, soft, pet that becomes a special friend for your child. Then, with a quick release of a Velcro strap. a pillow unfolds that your child can rest her beautiful curls on; a soft cushion for your boy as he naps with sweet dreams. The smart design includes a flap that fits over the Velcro, so it will not irritate your child when the strap is undone.

For example, a child who owns the Snuggly Puppy stuffed dog pillow can love having a cute dog, cuddle it, play with it, and then take it to bed. Who can do this with a real dog, anyway? Moms have one less toy to pick up, too.

Pillow Pets are made of chenille, a plush and durable fabric that is very soft. These toys come in near 30 different animal forms, so that your child can choose one that she likes for her own personal pet. Patterns include a cow with black-and-white fluffy looking patches, a lady bug with a red nose and black antennae, and many more.

Each pillow has a cute, special name, such as 'Sir Horse,' 'Patriotic Pup,' 'Cowardly Lion,' or 'Zippity Zebra'. Any child can create a bond and make a friend for life with one of these great, soft, and practical pillows.

Pillow Pets are useful around your home, and even more so when you travel. In long car rides during a family trip or when visiting grandparents, these fluffy and cuddly companions keep kids company. These durable pillows can pass through security systems at an airport as a carry on item. Your child will have a comfortable head rest on a long flight. Think of how your child will be guided to bring her new friend along when traveling, and still feel welcome – right at home wherever she goes.

All you need to do is find a place that sells My Pillow Pets and can get them to you in time to be opened as precious gifts at Christmas.