My Pillow Pets – A Review

There are very few things that compare to the companionship of a soft and cuddly stuffed animal. My Pillow Pets are cuddly stuffed folding animals that serve as a pillow as well as a cuddly toy. It gives the security of a stuffed pet animal and also the serves as a soft pillow. All babies and kids love this snuggle pal animal pillow. It is not only a sleep time partner but also a partner for long road journeys, airplane rides and is not a run of the mill stuffed animal.

My Pillow Pets are unique stuffed animals with a strap across their stomachs. When the strap is undone, they become a pillow and when the strap is put back on they become a cuddly stuffed toy. They can also be called a stuffed version of transformers. This toy is not only a favorite of the children but also of adults and elders alike.

The other reason why this product is so well liked by all is its plush exterior. It is made from chenille of high quality. This material makes it easy to play with and also makes a lovely fur. It has a snugly quality that makes it very endearing to children. The chenille is also tightly stitched and chances of teasing and the stuffing coming out are minimal. They also are not made of small removable parts that could prove to be dangerous for very small kids.

There are different types of animals to choose for a pillow pet like farm animals, jungle animals, or sea creatures. The come in a wide variety of vibrant and matching colors that are nice to look at. There are twenty different varieties of creatures to choose from including dolphin, puppies, cats, unicorn, dinosaur and even a ladybug. The most popular of the My Pillow Pets is the pink bunny. The pink color is very pretty and the long ears make it very endearing to most children. My Pillow Pets also have other matching accessories like a blanket, slippers, neck pillows, and books that can be bought separately.