Make A Cat Tree From A Ladder

Can you make a cat tree from a ladder? This is the question a friend of mine recently asked me after she mentioned a photo she’d seen of kitty play gym someone had made from a wooden ladder.

Well, sure you can. All you have to do is buy a wooden ladder, wrap it in sisal rope and attach some carpet covered platforms or tubes to the rungs and you’re done.

But why would you want to make a cat tree from a ladder? Aside from the novelty of the thing it’s not a very appealing, space or cost effective solution to your cat furniture dilemma.

Why not build a cat tree that will effectively use the space you have, won’t cost you an arm and a leg (have you priced wooden ladders lately?) and won’t give you any nasty surprises when you are half way through building it. To do this you need a set of modular cat tree plans.

I know, I know, I can hear you now… “But if I invest in a set of plans and change my mind (now or later) about what I want, I’m stuck. Or I’ll have to spend even more on another set of plans. So why not just wing it in the first place?”

Good point!

The truth is if you buy the wrong plans that could in fact happen to you. But seriously, if you’ve priced cat furniture lately you’ll know you can invest in many sets of plans and still come out ahead.

OK, so what to look for in a good set of cat tree plans.

Extensive instructions and lots of photos

A complete materials list

Tips on purchasing materials

Use only basic tools

Instruction for wood or PVC posts

Part layout and cutting diagram

Carpet types and where to shop for carpet

Detailed step-by-step carpeting diagrams

Modular assembly options

This is what I looked for when I set out to build my kitty play gym. I was so worried that it would be difficult or I’d make a mess of it so the more photos the better. In fact the ones I used had about 90 pages of instruction including over 250 photos so I was able to move confidently forward with my project.