Lighted Dog Collar Protection

We as dog owners know how dangerous it can be to walk our dog at night. You would not want to drive your car at night without headlights on, so you would not want to walk your dog at night without a lighted dog collar. This reflective type collar can save your dog's life, while walking him or even if he got out of the yard. It will also help for you to be seen while walking him.

It is easy for us to wear something bright and reflective to be easily seen. A lighted dog collar can protect your dog at night and make it visible to cars and any type of lighting.

These Polybrite lighted collars are available in an array of vivid colors and designs. They are ideal for low light and nighttime visibility. They have a combination of PolyBrite's patented polymer / LED technology and reflective stitching. They come with a three function switch, which provides an off, steady and flashing mode. You can use these different functions on the dog collar depending on the circumstance.

A lighted dog collar can provide illumination for up to 200 hours in the flashing mode and can be seen at least a half a mile away. They run on a standard replaceable watch battery. For added safety the collar is shockproof, spark proof and weather resistant.

There are several benefits to wearing a lighted dog collar. Along with being safe and helping to protect your pet from cars, they are also comfortable and stylish to wear all the time. They come in all sizes and can be easily seen even on long haired dogs. I have personally seen how well these collars work and they are so bright and easily seen. Having them on your dog all the time is a good idea if you have a large backyard they are easy to see and you always know where your dog is. I would highly recommend this dog collar to any dog ​​owner to keep their lovable pet safe and protected.