Kute Kitten Party – Games, Activities, and Kute Kitten Party Supplies Will Make the Party

If your child loves cats and kittens, Kute Kitten invitations, party supplies, games and activities can help you create a fun and memorable party for your child's birthday. Decorate your home with pink and white balloons, a Kute Kitten banner and Kute Kitten centerpiece to make a colorful and inviting setting.

As guests arrive, you can do a little face painting by adding black whiskers and a black nose to each face (or a variety of colors to make each face unique). Then give each child a headband with two cat ears (made with construction paper) taped or glued to the top. Each Kute Kitten can pick a "cat" name for him / herself if they'd like.

You can get the party started with a game of Kute Kitten marbles, using "cat's eyes" marbles, to see who can knock the other marbles out of the circle (using yarn or string to form the circle). Then each child can take home a bag of cat's eyes marbles as a gift when the party's over.

Another great game would be "Pin the Tail (or whiskers) on the Kute Kitten, blindfolding each child in turn and having him / her try to place the tail or whiskers on the kitten in the right spot. The winner is the child who comes the closest.

Have each child make a "puppet show" using cat and dog finger puppets and a shoebox for a stage. Stuff a pinata with Kute Kittens bubbles, balloons and an assortment of candy to fill each child's Kute Kittens loot bag.

Make sure each child has a Kute Kittens party hat and blower as you gather around the table to sing "Happy Birthday" and cut the "cat" cake. Good planning and a little creativity will help you create a Kute Kitten's party your child and his or her friends will remember!