Keeping Up to Speed With Pet Supplement Company Updates on a Professional Networking Site

Professional networking websites provide members with excellent chances to connect with individuals who could potentially help them progress in their careers as well as with like-minded people in regard to politics and other interests. Many people like to follow companies they admire, even if they don’t plan to ever seek a job with the organization. For example, someone who wants to learn more about high-quality supplements for pets might follow a link like for updates.

Blog Posts About Pets

Visitors to the site find additional links to the company’s own website and its blog. There, readers can learn a wealth of detail about products that promote pet health as well as more general information about caring for companion animals. Some blogs are useful for answering questions people may have been wondering about for a long time, such as how specific amino acids in supplements benefit the animals. Others explain the health benefits for humans of sharing their lives with pets, as well as reasons to adopt a rescue pet.

Statistics on Pet Ownership

U.S. residents own millions of cats and dogs. The most recent statistics find there are about 86 million cats and 78 million dogs that qualify as companion animals. Interestingly, the percentage of households that own a dog is higher than those that own a cat despite the fact that there are more pet cats in the country. This indicates that many people have more than one feline friend in the household but are more likely to own just one dog.

Health Enhancement Supplements for Pets

Supplement producers like NuVet Labs offer health enhancement items for both these types of critters. Vitamin and mineral supplements make sure that dogs and cats get all the nutrition they need.

Supplements to boost joint comfort and flexibility include ingredients that research has confirmed are beneficial for dogs and humans alike. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been found to help humans and animals dealing with osteoarthritis to gain improvements in mobility. Skeptics might think this is just a placebo effect, but the positive results aren’t easily dismissed this way in regard to dogs. Dogs, after all, don’t realize they’re consuming a supplement; they think they’re just getting a tasty treat.