Innotek SD-2000 Basic Fence Review

The Innotek SD-2000 is the entry level Innotek model and is the cheapest dog fence that I would be comfortable using with my dogs. At this price there are compromises, most noticeably it only has one correction level and it has no battery indicator on the collar. But it does work reliably, and is much better than the other systems in it’s price bracket.

Box Contents


The collar has one progressive correction level. That means that the longer the dog spends in the correction field the more the higher the correction strength, but you cannot set the baseline level. The correction baseline is set for an average medium sized dog, about 30-40 lbs of about average temperament. This is going to be too much for small dogs, and is not going to be enough for larger and more correction insensitive dogs.The other downside of this collar is that it does not have any indicator light, so you don’t know when the battery is running flat. That means if you need to test the SD-2000 on the fence every few days to make sure it is still working.

The collar takes a regular disposable 3V lithium battery, the kind you use in cameras. They cost about 5 bucks and are good for about 4 months. The collar does has the cloth band and the snap type buckle that I like. The receiver itself is “angular”, but not too big.


The transmitter has just one control, a boundary width dial that lets you increase and decrease good for five acres. The indicator light lets you know if the loop gets a break. This is one of the smallest control units and can be wall mounted using the two holes. The transmitter is very reliable and is much better than the collar.

Boundary Kit

The Innotek SD-2000 comes with the industry standard 500 feet of 20 gauge boundary wire, 50 flags and a couple of wire splices.


Ultimately, I think there are better choices, for about $60 more you can get something like the Innotek IUC-2100 or the PetSafe stubborn which are generationally better, with multiple corrections levels, a status light on the collar, and in the case of the 2100 a rechargeable collar battery. But if you are on a tight budget, and have a medium sized dog this might be worth a try.