How to Travel Cheap – Traveling With Your Pets Across the Country

Have a new job and need to move your pet across the country? Trying to decide on the best and cheapest way to accomplish this? This article will provide some insight of how to travel cheap with your pets across the country or even just across the state if that's how far you need to go.

Many people look upon their dogs, cats, and other pets as children. I know I do! I could never consider moving to another place without taking my pets along. Whenever I hear about someone taking their dog to the shelter because they are "moving" I really can not fathom it. So let's see what you need to do to get your animals moved with you!

First, be sure your pet is healthy. You need a health certificate, license, and proof of vaccinations, so pack those along for each pet.

If you are flying and wondering how to travel cheap on planes, the best thing is to take your pet on board with you if they are small enough. I recommend avoiding projects if your pet can not be taken on board with you. But if you have no other options, shop around well in advance for discounted airfare for pets.

Remember that you will be in a strange place so – this is very important – check all collars and make sure they are very secure and with identification tags attached. See that the collar can not slip over your pet's head. You will be getting out of the car to let them potty in, most likely, different rest stops on the interstate and I have heard of many horror stories of dogs getting lost at rest areas. Please be extra careful the minute you open the door. Dogs are amazingly adept at backing out of collars so use a harness if possible.

Plan ahead for your accommodations. Many books feature pet-friendly hotels, or you can look them up online. However, be sure to call ahead to verify and also make reservations so you will not be left driving late into the night looking for a place to stay. How to travel cheap at pet-friendly hotels? Compare prices before leaving home and make your reservations well in advance to take advantage of specials.

Consider a seatbelt for your dog if he or she is not traveling in a crate. I am a volunteer with english pointer rescue, and we require all our traveling points to be secured in the car with a doggie seatbelt. You can easily find one in your local pet shop or online.

With a little extra effort, and a little research on how to travel cheap, you can easily move you and your furkids across the country without a lot of trouble.