How to Make Your Own Homemade Halloween Costume

Let's face it, with the economy going the way it is, more and more families are searching for ways to save a few dollars here and there. And now, with the fall season upon us, we are approaching three main festivals that require the spending of money – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Would not it be great if we could get a few ideas to help us save some money during these times, instead of spending more?

Well, I've got great news for you! Why not take some time to make your own homemade Halloween costume. This will not only save you some money, but it can be a great family activity for you and your children. And in this day and age, we could always use a little more quality family time.

Most of us are not very creative, so here are four ideas to get you started in making your own homemade Halloween costume:

1. Clothes from Your Closet

Old prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses can turn into a bride's gown or a beauty pageant costume for a little girl. Or raid dad's closet and dress like a Nerd or Businessman. If you dig deep enough into your closet, you might even be able to pull off a last-minute Punk Rocker or Hippie costume.

2. Headbands

Many costumes require little more than a headband and a hot glue gun. If you have those two items at home, look around your house for items to start gluing on. If you have some tulle, a doily, lace, or any piece of fabric, you can make a veil. Add flowers to really 'fancy it up'. Cut some felt pieces and glue them on to make ears (bunny ears, cat ears, dog ears, or any other animal you can imagine). You can even quickly make antennae to be an alien or bug by simply gluing some pipe cleaners onto a headband.

3. Sweatsuits

A white sweatsuit can easily become a cow or Dalmatian. Simply take a Black Sharpie and draw spots onto the fabric. Then put a little black on your child's nose. (Add ears if you have time, using a headband and felt – see above.)

4. Cardboard Boxes

Got a large cardboard box laying around? Cut holes for your head and arms, and then create any number of costumes in minutes. For example, your child can be a TV – just take a black marker and draw a screen and some buttons onto the front. You can even take an old cord and glue it to the back of the box. How about a computer? Same idea – draw a screen on the front, and then glue a computer mouse (or even a furry mouse as a joke) to the side of the box. Or my favorite – a washing machine. Make an opening on top of the box (in front of the child's head), or on the front of the box. Inside this opening you can glue a smaller box or bag, and this can be where everyone places the child's candy when he goes trick or treating.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a fun, inexpensive home Halloween costume []. Just look around the house and use a little imagination, and your child will soon be wearing one of the best costumes in the neighborhood!