How to Keep Your Pet Out of Your Garden

Between the snails and aphids, you have enough pests to keep from ruining your beautiful garden. The last thing you need is your four-legged friend trampling through it. Thanks to technological advances in the pet industry, there is an easy way to keep your pooch out of your garden.

There are a variety of electronic devices available that are specifically designed to keep pets out of certain areas of the yard. Some of these devices involve simple wiring, while others are completely wireless.

The wire devices come with a transmitter, a pet receiver collar and the wiring. The wiring is very easy to install. You simply place it around the area you want to make off limits to your pet and secure it to the ground with wire stakes. You can also borrow the wire a few inches under the ground if desired; its just as effective.

The wireless devices typically include just a transmitter and a receiver collar for your pet. One such product is the Paws Away outdoor pet barrier. The transmitter is disguised like a rock but its actually a wireless transmitter. It is designed to look like a rock so that it blends nicely into the landscaping of your garden. This waterproof outdoor "rock" transmitter functions off of batteries. You just place it in the area you want to make off limits to your pet, adjust the coverage area and your pets receiver collar will do the rest. The beautiful thing about this particular device is that it also has a wired option. This added feature allows you to create a custom-shaped barrier around whatever zone you want to make off limits to your pet.

No matter if you have a wired or wireless device, whenever your pet neighbors the off-limit zone, the receiver collar will beep a warning tone. If your pet continues it will then administrator a quick static correction (a lot like the shock you get when you walk across a carpet and then touch someone). These static shocks are completely harmless, yet enough to cause your dog to want to avoid the area.

So if you want to cross off your dog from your list of garden pests, consider adding an electronic outdoor barrier. Who knows-maybe one day they will figure out a way to make tiny collars for the snails and bugs!