How to Choose the Right Harness For Your Dog

Choosing the right kind of harness or collar for your dog is more important that a dog owner might think when they go to find dog supplies online. Some dog owners might thing that it's simply a matter of using something solely to make sure the dog does not run away when outside. But harnesses and collars are more than that and there are several important aspects of each when it comes to picking one out for your dog. When it comes to trying to get these by searching for dog supplies online take note of a few things before making your purchase.

Firstly, what is the size of your dog? If you have a large breed dog then it may affect your choose for which type of restraint you buy for your dog. Large dogs are obviously stronger and when out for a walk need to learn not to pull their owner. If wearing a collar this is accomplished by the fact that if the pull it will choke them. This might not sound a nice way to treat you dog but it works and the dog should learn that trying to pull the owner is not a good idea. Harnesses can be used for your large dog if pulling is not a problem. If your dog wears a harness then in the few instances they do pull the pressure will be against their chest and will not hurt them in any way.

For small dogs the same is essentially true. However some small dogs can have issues with their throats and breathing. Even without a collar or harness on, my small Poodle mix stops to catch its breath if running for extended periods of time. Therefore if you have a small dog with a delicate throat then it might be a good idea to choose a harness for the dog. It will, again, apply pressure on the chest where there should not be a problem.

Despite using collars some dogs still insist on pulling their owner as the go for a walk. There are special harnesses that prevent this from happening and encourage proper walking by the dog. They use a certain mechanism to allow for a proper dog walk yet makes it so the dog prefers to walk normally. Once they have learned to do this, in most cases, if the dog ever has to wear a collar or normal harness again they have usually learned their lesson and will not pull.

As a bonus to choosing the dog harness that prevents pulling, most but not all of these types also double as seat belts. It is possible to purchase seat belts for dogs separately but if you can get both a harness pulling restraint and a dog seat belt in one then it would be a good idea to do so. Your dog might not enjoy having to sit still in a car for long periods of time but that's a discussion for another article. Suffice to say if your dog has a restless personality then perhaps the seat belt would be a bad idea. But more on that in future articles about how to find dog supplies online.

Other then this the same rules to follow when trying to find dog supplies online or otherwise apply with this. Make sure you do not buy cheap supplies solely to save money. Purchase quality collars or harnesses for you dog. You would not want them to break loose or to chew through them. Especially when you're in the middle of a walk. In some cases dog supply stores may be able to assist you with special fittings for your dogs. It would help to make sure the collar or harness is the right size and will not cut into or harm the dog in anyway.

These things in the Keep by mind when searching for where to the find dog supplies online . Your dog will thank you greatly.