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French Bulldogs: Some Interesting Facts Even though the French bulldog has the word “French” in the name, they actually originated in the country of England as smaller versions of the English bulldog. It all began in the year 1860, where French bulldog breeders crossed English bulldogs with terriers in order to create a smaller bulldog. And the reason for the name of French bulldog is because France had really taken a liking to these little dogs and so the name stuck. The name the French bulldog actually created a lot of different issues with a lot of people out there as a matter of fact and the reason for this is mostly because the bulldog is a pretty important symbol and part of English culture so having a bulldog named after the French did not feel right for a lot of English people. There is just so many different things you will want to think about in regards to the French bulldog because these creatures are typically a lot smaller than you normally would find when it comes down to English bulldogs. French bulldogs does have cute little ears that resemble the ears of a bat because they are long and erect. The French bulldog also have a very powerful muzzle and their noses look like the noses you will find on a pug. The heads on a French bulldog is square just like the head on an English bulldog, however the main difference is that the head is much smaller. The French bulldog’s forehead is rounded too. The front of the French bulldog can be quite imposing and the reason for this is because they have very broad shoulders and front legs which is a lot wider than their rears. French bulldogs can be quite good looking dogs because they actually come in a lot of colors like white, fawn, and brindle, and their soft and short fur can also come in a different combo of colors as well. Most French bulldogs will have an under bite and they will also have very beautiful dark eyes that are pretty big to say the least. An average French bulldog will be around twelve or so inches tall and they will weigh around nineteen to twenty eight or so pounds as well. If you want to have a loyal and amazing friend for life then a French bulldog is the pet for you. These dogs are known to be very playful and they can also be very sweet as well. These dogs are known to be jokers and their personalities are all about goofing off and just being awesome. And that is the basic facts and the basic information you will want to keep into account of in regards to French bulldogs and why they are so awesome.The Ultimate Guide to Services

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