How Have Cats Changed Over the Years?

We have a minimum of 70 breeds of cats recognized by cat registries. And there are some registries that will only acknowledge 40 breeds. They exclude the breeds of wild cats and tigers. But the modern day house cat is more domesticated. Pet owners will pamper them with everything from jeweled collars to pet strollers and small pet carriers.

For over a thousand years cats main purpose was to hunt and kill rodents. But now as the years have progressed we tend to breed cats more to our liking. So today we have many different breeds of cats.

Some breeds of cats roots can be traced back in history a 1,000 years or more. One such breed is the the Japanese bobtail. In Medieval Japan they were very common and the most popular. But now they are just a memory throughout Japan and the world.

Can you guess what the most common breed in the United States is? It is the alley cat. They make wonderful pets and there are many thousands of them in existence today. You can easily tell which breed of cat it is by their look. Alley cats will keep breeding until they are stopped. They are the breed that are most bred and there are many hundreds of thousands of them. Many are homeless and they continue to breed.

There are 3 most common breeds which include the Persian cat, the alley cat and long haired cat. A Siamese is another more common breed of cat. These are famous for their bad temper and destructive behavior. One the most popular breeds of cat is the Persian. They are very loving and make wonderful companions. They also can be very expensive depending on the type you get and where you get it.

Just by looking at a cat is the easiest way you can tell which breed it is. Most people will pick their cat by the color but that is not always the easiest way you can identify them. A Siamese cat is usually black and can easily be identified by their eye color. Persian cats are identified by their hair and type of body.

There have been many breeds to come along over the years. Cats are known to be the most popular and one of the first pets. There are millions of people who own cats throughout the world. Cats are a more popular pet even over dogs. Whichever house cat you choose they will make a wonderful pet and companion. So the history of cats has come along way to the modern day house cat. Many people today treat them like family dressing them, getting them scratching posts, their own cat house or carrying pet cages. Whatever your choice may be, house cats make a wonderful friend and companion for life.