GPS Collar For Dogs Buying Guide – 3 Critical Things To Look Out For

If you’re thinking of buying a GPS collar for your dog or dogs then you’ve come to the right place.

This in depth article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when buying a dog tracking device today.

The pet tracking market is relatively new but pet owners all over the world are thrilled to be given the peace of mind that these devices afford.

Statistics show that more than 10 million pets are reported missing every year in the United States alone. This is a concerning statistic. Pets don’t mean to go missing but, more often than not, once they leave the safe confines of your home through a hole in the fence, or an open gate, or just from being particularly skilful and agile, they can run off at great speed and have great difficulty finding their way home to your anxious arms.

Even my very elderly dachshund loves sleeping all day and all night…

… But if I don’t watch him when I answer the door, and he spies another dog across the road, he can be off and running after him as if he were a teenager.

Have you ever tried running after a dog on a mission before?

It’s quite a task.

This is where GPS collars for dogs come into play.

GPS Dog Collars With Safe Zones Are HIGHLY Recommended

When you are looking to buy a GPS dog collar it is recommended that you buy one that will actually create either one or multiple safe zones.

These safe zones work by setting up an invisible perimeter. When your dog is wearing a special tracking tag and moves outside the safe zone you are alerted via your Smartphone.

Having this feature will allow you to quickly and easily start tracking them in seconds before they go too far afield.

One of the best features of quality dog collars with GPS technology is the fact that when you open the app on your phone you will be shown a GPS map so you can actually see where your dog has run off to and you can be guided with maps and directions so that you can find them asap.

You can also do the same thing via your web browser.

There are quite a few GPS collars for dogs on the market and they may have different recommendations such as a minimum weight requirement. Some dog trackers have been created with larger dogs in mind while others work very well for smaller dogs.

If you’re unsure of your dog’s weight if you contact your regular vet they should be able to advise you of what their most recent weight was.

Dog GPS Collar Range – This Is VERY Important

This is where you need to think about your dog for a moment. If they do venture off, do they usually go far away or do they just do some gentle exploring around your local neighbourhood?

Once you’ve got an idea of that you can then pick a more suitable pet tracker for the range needed.

Also, the best GPS tracking devices actually keep a history of where your dog travels to so that you can soon come to know the favourite areas they want to escape to.

GPS For Dogs – Dog Activity Is Another IMPORTANT Factor

Is your dog very active? As I mentioned, my lovely sausage dog isn’t. But if yours is you will want to look at waterproof and swim proof models, especially if you know your dog loves the water.

Some dog tracking collars also come with activity tracking and temperature sensors.

All these factors are worth your careful consideration when buying your dog GPS collar today.