Games You Can Play at a Stuffed Animal Party

For my soon to turn 6 year olds birthday this year, she decided that she wanted to have a stuffed animal party. A stuffed animal party basically means that all the little girls invited will bring their favorite plush toy so that they can all play with them together. This is a great theme, but in order to keep the young ones attention, I knew I would have to be very inventive when it comes to creating games in order to keep everyone happy.

We had ten girls invited as guests, and I knew that with those kinds of numbers it was quite possible that someone would forget their plush toy at home. So that is why I decided to have a couple extra stuffed animals and teddy bears on hand. And sure enough two girls forgot their toy. One of the girl's forget her favorite teddy bear in her mom's car, and the other had just lost her favorite plush dog at school. Luckily, my extras managed to head off the tears at the pass, and then we could get to the games. Here are some of the games we played, and hopefully they'll be able to help you if you want to create your own stuffed animal party.

The Stuffed Animals Treasure Hunt

This one I had to think ahead for, as before the party started I hid a teddy bear somewhere in our house. I then used post-it notes to write down some clues. The first post-it note I gave to my daughter's plush dog, Fluffy. This clue would lead them to the next and so on, until they (and their companion stuffed animals) finally found the teddy bear. But the game did not end there. The teddy bear itself contained another clue. You see, I had gotten some teddy bear cookies (to continue the theme) and hidden them also. This was a great game and all of the girls had a lot of fun.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

While not as inventive as the treasure hunt, this variation of pin the tail is a classic for a reason. My daughter had a big stuffed bunny she had gotten for Easter. Realizing this would be perfect, I turned the bunny around so it's back was to the girls, and made a tail out of Velcro and some bandannas. That way, the girl's could be blindfolded, and who ever got the tail in the right place would stick with the Velcro. We played in teams, and the team that won (by pinning the tail the most times) would have got to be the first to take a picture in the bunny's lap. This kept the girl's busy, and the prize was benign enough that we did not have any jealousy issues.

Stuffed Animals Fairy Tale

After stuffed animal crackers and cake, we had time for one last game. We turned their plush toys, every plush dog, stuffed cat, stuffed raccoon and teddy bear, into a character in a fairy tale. This really let them be creative, and I was careful to make sure that each little girl's plushie got an important role. Since everyone wanted to be princesses, I let everyone do that and then they had to work together to overcome obstacles and get to the palace in time for the queen's birthday. This imaginative game was a great success.

As you can see, everyone had a wonderful time and my daughter said this was the best birthday party she had ever had! And the best part, I was able to throw a great party without breaking my budget! My daughter decided that this was a good omen for her year six, and I have to agree. With a little bit of imagination, a stuffed animal party can be a great way for everyone to have a blast!