Free Cat Tree Plans

Are you looking for free cat tree plans? If I can give you one piece of advice, it is to not download any plans for building cat trees or any other type of furniture for free. Low quality print outs, and bad design plans are the only thing you will get, and you will only regret not paying a low price of a couple of dollars for something that is 10 times better in quality.

I have been woodworking for almost 20 years now, and in that time I have seen a lot of bad woodworking blue prints, and that includes free cat tree plans. I do not only make my own furniture and sell it to the public, but I also give advice to friends and family, and the general public too, and that is why I have written this simple article to help others.

I recently came across some bad build build plans not only for cat towers, but also for wooden outdoor furniture too, and as a test I downloaded the blueprints. What I found was bad quality print outs, and it was nothing to do with my printer. I also found through the bad printing, at how low quality and amateur the build plans were, and I was shocked at how anyone would try to use these.

Building any type of woodworking project has to start from the build plans, and a cat tree is no exception. I know building a cat tower is not difficult, but with your cats welfare on the line, you would not want to risk making something that could not only be dangerous to you, bu also your cat.

The benefit of using quality build plans is also the choice of build types, material lists and detailed instructions. The reason I like the choices of design, is for many reasons. If you have a small house, you can make you cat tree fit the size of your house, and a larger one if you have more room.

The other great benefit of downloading quality cat tree plans, is you can start your own business, just like I, and many others have. You can build a cat tower for next to nothing, and if you make a larger quantity, you can save more money, and make more profit, because of material purchases and making more in one period, will mean you can mass build.

I am sure you can see the downsides of using free cat tree plans, and why purchasing a set of quality prints can mean many things, not only in time-saving, but also in monetary saving too.